Women in Weed – Can we be more than just care providers?

The cannabis industry has long been scrutinized as a tough place for a woman to work.  Before commercialization and legal businesses, women were often seen as part of the trade, for sex and drugs.

As more and more women become interested in the industry from an employment & business perspective as well as a consumer perspective, the industry started to open up more and more to females interested in the space, or so we thought.

While yes, there are jobs being created for women. Many of those jobs are at the lower-paying level of customer service, for example, patient care call-centers.   Entering from a senior management perspective can be much more difficult than you might think.

For example, one of Canada’s largest Licensed Producers who will here go un-named recently had a senior management meeting where twenty managers and/or senior managers were in attendance. Only one woman at the management level was there. That’s a 95% male management team. Yep, ninety-five percent.  However, if you were to walk into the facility that day, you would find women all over the place – working as assistants, patient care representatives and event and outreach positions to help the company look more equal and be represented to anyone calling in (from the assistants and patient care reps) or seeing the company in the public eye at an event. Tricky eh?

If I told you how many men asked me for sex on the job, you wouldn’t believe me. To the point where, I wrote a book on my experience as a woman in the industry over the last five years (coming soon with Vesuvian Media and GH Literary[1] for early 2019).

Women are seen as the primary care-givers in many households, and many companies will use friendly female faces and scenarios to help market their products, companies, and brands as safe.  But how many women are really sitting in places of power in this industry?

Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis and snap shots as we take a look into the financial world of Licensed Producers and their management teams as well as tips on how to break out against the odds.

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Tegan J Adams,
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