Sports and Weed – is there a link and why?

In many different ways, sports and cannabis are becoming trendy. Of all the athletes I’ve interviewed, it seems that in some cases, cannabis is used pre-sport to energize, for endurance, and afterwards to calm anxious muscles or nerves. In California in particular, some athletes seem to have their strain selection and dosage preferences down to micro-precision techniques, working to optimize their experience as an athlete.

Still others who use visualization and meditation as a way to see themselves winning might use more dreamy relaxing strains at different times in the day – most often upon waking up or before bed.

In between important games and sporting events, still others might try different strains simply to relax and take the edge off the competition and anxiousness they might feel. Body builders straining their muscles from steroids and other competition drugs find cannabis a relief to the strains they endure.

While many professional sports leagues still ban or question cannabis as a performance alteration, the average athletes in working class professionals or students are taking cannabis more and more as a substance to rely on for endurance and success.


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Tegan J Adams,
CEO & Author

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