Oh Happy Day – And a Happy Day Cream!

Perusing the cosmetic aisles of health food stores, Whole foods, Amazon’s online shelves and other places where glamorized water (anti-wrinkle cream) is sold, is one of my favourite things to do. I’m not sure why, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved smelling creams and perfumes and critiquing them. Over the past couple of months, there’s one brand that has been popping up more and more in the face cream area– Andalou.

I first saw them at a Whole Foods in Venice Beach, then at a small health food store in New York. And why? Well, because Andalou has what consumers want, and you guessed it – cannabis!

Why is this a big deal?

Who cares?

Well, Andalou has some pretty strict product and ingredient sourcing standards. They follow almost every kind of standard that a cosmetic company could! They’re non-GMO project verified, 98% natural products, vegan and more. To see that Andalou’s taken on a cannabis product line, in some ways isn’t surprising given all the plant’s benefits – but in other ways it’s a massive step forward in the cannabis industry as a whole! For a well-respected cosmetic line like Andalou to be promoting a cannabis product line in mainstream food and drug retail is a big deal.

I just got my first Happy Day Cream to test Andalou’s “CannaCell” concept out. So far the cream’s consistency is quite nice, and the smell is mostly neutral. I generally prefer sweet vanilla and earthy smells, which many people don’t like on their face. If you like neutral and leafy smells (think moringa or olive leaf) then you will like the smell of this product line, and if anything, it’s something new to try in the world of face creams!

The other thing I like about this product line, is that it isn’t over the top ridiculously expensive like a lot of other face creams and/or cannabis products. You’d think the two aspects together in one bottle would make each product over $100, but in this case Andalou is selling their units at prices between $14.99 to $19.99 per product – perfect! A workable price to try more than just one product out on these dry winter days that are killing all our hard work of revitalization from the summer.

I’m not sure this product line can help with the Holiday effects on my upper forehead wrinkles, but let’s hope at least in part these product can contribute to a New Year of rejuvenation and marketplace of cannabis cosmetics!


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