Do Cannabis Bath Bombs work? And, what exactly do they do?

This past year, I lucked out to spend a good chunk of time in California, visiting different friends, family and entertainment professionals! What a whole new world of cannabis products California has compared to Canada.

I was skeptical going in to many of the cannabis stores and dispensaries at first. Many of them were staffed by men covered in tattoos with large earlobe rings, flat brimmed baseball caps and heavy metal or other depressing band t-shirts I didn’t recognize. I wasn’t sure why they were intimidating, but they were. It always feels like walking into one of their stores like I was an outsider and they were on “the in”.

I’d heard through the grapevine that of course Venice Beach was the best place to find cannabis and cannabis products from the OG’s that know what they’re doing (note, here OG means original gangster if you didn’t know, it’s okay I didn’t either until the man in the hat told me). So, one Saturday afternoon, I decided to walk down to the infamous Venice Beach board walk and see what I would find.

Thrown back to the first time I watched Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio, the beach this time looked a little different than in the movie. Aside from the various musicians, gypsies, hippies, artists, tinker sellers, dancers and other performers colouring up the walkway, were different bustling restaurants and gift shops full of Venice Beach, Muscle Beach and Baywatch periphenalia. For a little while I thought finding cannabis products might be a lost cause, and, scared to go into any of the unmarked stores alone, finally I stumped along a yellow sign – “Venice Hemp products”.

Looked suspiciously like the right place to me.

I turned the corner, and saw a shop with two ATMS out front, and knew right away that this store wouldn’t just be selling hemp. I walked in to the small windowed store, and inside I would find every kind of product a person could want, mixed with “hemp CBD” and all the latest rage of “full spectrum CBD”.

Low and behold in a lower left corner of the store was a shelf full of bath bombs. Different colours and flavours, all with 20mg of CBD, for $20 a pop, nearly tripe the price of the fancy ones we find at Lush up on the Santa Monica Promenade. But since it was Saturday, and I was looking for something new, I figured – why not?

I took a few of them home, along with a couple CBD gummy bears, to my little air bnb’s bath tub, and figured I’d try a soak before working on my book that night. After the bath, I didn’t think anything had happened, until I woke up the next morning face planted in my computer in bed.

Success! I had found a new sleep treatment – CBD bath bombs. My whole body felt so relaxed, even up into the afternoon of the next day – what a relief! I never thought a product like a CBD bath bomb would work since the transdermal aspect seems to wishy washy and unpredictable, but let me tell you the right CBD bath bomb can do wonders for a person before bed. Almost as good as “Calm” brand CalMag with Melatonin. The two together – the best sleep you’ve ever had.


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