Cannabis and New Years Resolutions

Alright January, here we are. December kicked our asses. We all feel a little bit fat, a little bit broke, and a little bit less tanned then we might like. It’s cold, dark and the hundreds of e-mails that came in over the holidays waiting in my inbox aren’t helping.

For many of us, the over-indulgence of the holidays is rationalized in advance by the upcoming motivation the New Year’s might bring. Depending on if you’ve subscribed to resolutions or goals in the New Year, it’s possible you might need a little help reaching them, and cannabis might be able to help.

Got home from work stressed out and reached for a glass of wine again?

For me, that glass of wine can have 100-200 calories at a minimum, cause headaches and bad sleep. It’s likely also, that one glass wouldn’t have been all I had. Sadly enough, while I love the taste of good wine, the day after effects are simply not worth it anymore, at least unless it’s a special night out or a really good party! If I’d reached for a few drops of CBD oil instead, the result would be 5 calories (from a carrier oil), relaxation and a night of good sleep. Which would you prefer?

Finding ways to relax are what a lot of people reach for at the end of the day, and sticking to any resolution when you are stressed is likely more difficult than when you’re relaxed. For me, when I choose cannabis instead of wine I help work towards weight loss/maintenance, stress reduction and a good night’s sleep. Three important things to help me be pro-active in the workplace, feel good on my time off, and keep feeling young!


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Tegan J Adams,
CEO & Author

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