Alcohol vs Weed – Recreational cannabis and Party favours?

Alcohol has so far ruled the way as a party gift and consumption item accepted across the board in different social settings in Canada and the USA.  In many cultures and social settings it’s either sugar, alcohol or both that we turn to as celebration items. Champaign, wine, fancy cocktails, craft beers or bourbons, all are used as gifts for celebration or to thank a host for their party offering.

But what are these products doing to our health? And, how will making cannabis available as our party favors affect us?

We’ve all had a hangover after over-indulging in that extra glass of wine followed by a round of shots.   Ever called in sick to work with a hangover and called it food poisoning?  Don’t worry, I have too.  Or what about waking up the morning after a late night out and not knowing where you are? While in some cases we might call these experiences part of an alcoholic’s problem, many millennial and young adults living and working in cities today accept these experiences as okay.

Now, that’s not to say that cannabis will be the answer to safer partying.  But, one might consider for example, that if there is going to be excess consumption, cannabis could be a less-toxic alternative to alcohol that still provides stimulation, social lubrication, and other desirable effects.

For all us ladies who love wine, but hate the calories, finding a substitute for alcohol that will get people off our back at parties for not having another drink could be a godsend. For instance, we could put a few drops of oil from high CBD strains in our juice or water and call it a drink.  No hangover or weight-gain you say? People might even accept it as the equivalent to a beer in a social setting? If so, sign me up.

Time will tell how cannabis tinctures, drinks, and other consumption items will change party norms, though what we do know is that in places where cannabis has already been legalized, drinks like “Gin and Chronic” (tonic water supplemented with CBD) are showing up on cocktail menus, cannabis brewed beers like Province brands are scheduled to be on tap at upcoming conferences, and weight-loss programs like Weight-watchers, paleo, keto, and Jenny Craig would all approve of the low-calorie, sugar-free options available to substitute for beer, wine and spirits.


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Tegan J Adams,
CEO & Author

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